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(I'm the wee one:)

Hello! I hope you find what you are looking for on some of these pages. A little about me, because sometimes that context aids in perspective of posts. First, you should know that I love to create. I am on a journey, becoming more than I am currently, but I also believe in accepting who I have been and celebrating the now. I am A BEING first and foremost that hopefully embraces my messy humanness, mistakes and all, and often blogs about those struggles. I enjoy Sociology and the study of the world we create, however the study of the individual mind and Psychology appeal to me even more. I feel that when we combine responsibility, humour, compassion, wisdom and love of the simple, we have the innate privilege of re creating alternatives to the injustices of the world. Perhaps these issues can be as small as 'cultural mummy guilt' and as big as 'world wide poverty'? Could it be possible that when we embrace our collective grief, pain and mistakes, we learn from them? When we tell our stories, maybe we help create the world we live in? Maybe then it's tougher to fall into pluralistic innocence? I believe we must be the good...or as Gandhi challenges, "We must be the change we wish to see in the world."

I am a woman who drowns oceans (click). I often find myself watching the world with glittering eyes. "And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." - Roald Dahl. I believe in the magic that is life. I desire to live this quote, "You must habit yourself to the dazzle of your light and every moment of your life."- Walt Whitman. I encompass a lot of dazzle amongst some darkness. Other descriptors of mine; bohemian decorator, movie quoter, lover of the simple life, mother, wife, Dyspraxic learner (click) , friend, rebel, rule follower, holistic health practitioner, unschooler, scorpio, INFJ (click), lymie/spoonie, paradox, vulnerable soul, and chronic illness warrior (See side labels for more. Anemia is the condition I write about the most)  and Aspie (click). Our family is on the spectrum with Asperger's Syndrome/ Autism in the children and I. While I will have posts to promote better understanding about autism/ being autistic and to show the unique way I see the world, this blog is more focused on varied posts about the World We Create in compassion, consideration and understanding. Autism is included in this but not the totality. Mindsets change. Posts that I may have written previously show that growth in some instances and growth still is needed in other perspectives of mine.

My husband and best friend say that the most accurate descriptor of me is that I am a paradox. I have a propensity to ambivalence. Hopefully this fact does not complicate too many of my posts:) Yet, I hold many flexible convictions ironically. Perhaps this paradox is pronounced a bit more because my highly empathetic, perspective taking INFJ persona is mixed with my highly rational, logical Aspie sense of self? This can make interesting contradictions. 

I don't believe labels are boxes but instead jumping off points to understanding and belonging.

My first loves besides my family and my self (Yes myself...I firmly believe self love enables the love of others) are music, nature, Broadway, reading and expressing creativity. I wish I could have the voice of Keren Carpenter, the role of Elphaba, the audacity of John Lennon, the talent of Darren Criss, the humour of Amy Poehler and the disposition of Audrey Hepburn, but I am also content with who I am, admiring these people from afar. I am a lover of stories; Gene Kelly dancing in the rain, Audrey making a funny face or selling flowers, Belle exploring the castle, Anne adoring Green Gables, Rory reading her books, Lorelei parenting the way I do, Paris making her fabulously blunt and quirky statements, Elphaba defying gravity, Thor...being THOR, Blaine bursting into song or any momentous moment on Glee, Galadriel bestowing gifts, Annie playing basketball (Father of the Bride), Celia in "The Help", Mia crooning her Audition on La La Land, Marilyn Monroe singing passionately about diamonds, Hermione Granger conjuring spells, Regina gorgeous and sneering whilst wearing fantastic outfits (Once Upon A Time) or Gilbert forever loving Anne so simply...these moments take the true soul of my self and express it with poignant perfection. IF I had to pick ONE movie to encompass who I am it would be Anne of Green Gables (CLICK here for my post on this.)

I am very passionate about pursuing understanding and growth. I believe in changing my mind and having the strength to walk away from what no longer heals. I prefer being eccentric with moments of depth and perception thrown in.

I had a private blog with a loyal following. This space is for the posts I feel comfortable sharing. I average 2-6 posts a month. The archive is worth exploring for topics relevant today or if you are curious about Autism/Aspergers, INFJ, low Ferritin/ chronic illness, or any self help posts.

I hope this space empowers either by inspiration, friendship, encouragement, challenge, healing or perhaps simply by being journeyers together. You are my companion in this world we create. We are intentional souls travelling onward. Thanks for walking and creating with me. May you go forward to create the unique beauty only your soul is able to give.

P.S. I try to leave good songs semi- related to my writing on each post. Since this is the about me page...One of my favourite songs from my favourite musical Wicked is Defying Gravity. Unfortunately, there is not a good web version of Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth singing (which is the best version) but this one is pretty good.

There is NOW A new web version of Kristin and Idina!!!!:

and this one:

This is a song that describes my family life by Steve Tyrell. Our family calls it our "Autumn song" because Autumn is our season that we tend to tuck in and really savour all of our beautiful life.



CalledToQuestion said...

I love this place you have created and I am so glad to be a part of it. You are an inspiration to many. Thank you for all your advice, wisdom and companionship to us all.

Anonymous said...

Well put together. Absolutely love the photo of you and your dad! great!

More to Life said...

I am so glad you are back; I have missed your blogging very much, and I have missed you too!!!

P.S. - I started a new blog too, this is the username for my new blog.

Cat said...

love it!

love and light dear one

Kmarie Jones said...

For those who want to email me and do not have my addy- worldwecreate@gmail.com

Full Spectrum Mama said...

sociological (ph.d.!), magical, eclectic, autoimmune-disordered (RA), musical and spectrum-y props to you! Very excited to find this blog, Love,

Karen said...

Hello, this might be a repeat comment as I just posted a comment here and poof, it disappeared. Anyway...just want to say that I found your blog via Momastery today and I'm tickled to have stumbled into your world. I will delight in many of your posts and especially the ASD related posts as my 9-year old daughter is on the spectrum and my 13-year old son has ADHD & anxiety. Life is beautiful and messy indeed...love that original quote from Glennon. :-) Your blog exudes a welcoming freedom and I will visit often, I'm sure. Blessings upon you!! ~~Karen

Kmarie Audrey said...

Full Spectrum Mamma: I thought I commentated here before when you first posted but it must have been lost...As you know from some of our comment interactions on a few posts- You are always welcome here! Thanks for the compliments.

Karen: This page seems to lose comments:) I don't know why...so this isn't a re post and thank you for taking the time to comment again! I am so glad you found my blog! I love Glennon...she writes great stuff! Yes, please read...I do not post too often but the stuff I have already posted ( I think 48 posts thus far) were thought out with great care and are still freshly relevant! Also check out the Musings of An aspie links on my side bar for another great blog! She also has some great posts for females on the spectrum and your daughter! I am glad you feel the welcoming freedom here as that is what I go for in my home (see my decorating post) and online in my spaces:) Sounds like you have some awesome kids and you are an awesome mamma!

Full Spectrum Mama said...

I love the way you frame your writing - the care you take is evident and always appreciated!

Lisa said...

I am really enjoying your blog. It's insightful and helpful in processing the world, NT or not. Just wanted to say so - I would "like" many posts if there was a button :)

Kmarie Audrey said...

Thanks Lisa:) I think there is a google plus one equivalent to a like but only if you have gmail or google account...I don't have Facebook...:) But that is very kind of you to say and I am so glad the posts are insightful and helpful in processing in the world...that is what I try to go for!:)
Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to add your voice:)

Kmarie Audrey said...

Ok I know I commentated back ages ago but it looks like it is not here...SORRY!
Called to Question: Thank you my love- you are my greatest equal and supporter. Without you to understand and loudly applaud the way I am I would feel that much colder. I adore you.
Sara: Thanks for being my best friend and always reading even if you are not a blogger and it's not your thing. Your NT perspectives always bring me balance as I am sure my aspie ones bring you some interesting balance too. We were made to be soul friends...and kindreds.
More to life: Thanks:) I am glad I am back too. I have checked out your blog but noticed you stopped writing...I wish you well.
Cat: Thanks - always love and light back to you. Always...
FUll spectrum...thank you for saying that I take care in writing:) I appreciate that;)