Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Pure of Heart (and Easter Weekend)

Pure hearts are transparent, sweet, nurturing and whole. This does not mean they are perfect or quiet or any other attribute deemed sweet... the truth about those who have pure hearts is that they are often the people who have some serious hardships in life. In fact, a lot of pure hearts have addictions, continual obstacles to overcome and issues in their lives BECAUSE of their purity in such a world. They simply can not cope with all the realism, the heart ache and the brokenness. They ACCEPT brokenness but hearing of the tragedies it invokes takes pieces of their heart and causes death. Thus why some of the Pure Spirits of earth often die young or tragically. They numb their purity with drugs, food, or at the last resort, their own death, simply because they can not stand such a dissonance.

Most people that I am friends with are very pure in heart. They seek understanding, love, peace and altruism. They accept brokenness even when it breaks them. And the world wrenches their energy stores and batters down their resistance. A lot of the time they belong to isolated people groups, mental differences, minority stances and different ways of thinking. They are often the Idealists or the Advocates...the Healers and the Advisers, the Fighters for Justice and the Peacemakers.

The opposite of the Pure of Heart are the Manipulators, the Power hungry and those who want to be Recognized a Certain Way. It's about image more than acceptance. It's about only truly loving the people who do everything right or outwardly with extroverted zeal. The opposite of pure hearted is religious and political agenda. It's the people who believe they are doing the right thing always without a doubt in their own minds. These people have merit and give to our world, but the purity is marred. It's mixed with the tar of self righteousness.

The problem with purity, is that it is never recognized for what it actually is. Most people see the pure of heart and only see their disasters. They think the pure of heart are only those whose lives are lived above reproach or those that are outwardly politically and religiously correct. The pure of heart is assumed to be those who do not get into the nitty gritty of life. They apparently don't swear, or miss church, have non typical marriages ect. They apparently have multitudes of friends because their "fruit" is outward or  they don't hang with the "sinners" or minority groups...but in my experience, the pure of heart can seem pretty dirty from outward appearances. They are often the assumed "sinners", the outcasts and the ones who smell of other's discrimination. Jesus hung out with these people and found them enjoyable counterparts to the religious order of the day. They are not better, but they  KNOW they are BROKEN yet WORTHY. They know to dust to dust they ARE, and as THEY ARE they model I AM. They accept their part of the dust which does not make them insignificant because the earth is the life substance of our existence. They are part of this...but only a part, and in this awareness they know they can not judge the lifestyles of others. They only try to understand and live their best life in their own perimeters. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. They shall see God/ Divinity/ Life/ Love in every day in little things.

Purity is untarnished belief in the good of those around but acceptance in the flaws of those people. It's about being a part of the world we create, yet not forcing a specific creation of being. Purity is in the Spirit. Pure of heart is in the flaws while believing and seeking beauty, inspiration and truth compassionately.

 At Easter some do not appreciate the propaganda, the pressure, the gruesome crucifixion story told over and over. That's understandable. There is hope of the story being re framed. For those individuals perhaps instead (if we find ourselves in religious settings) we can focus and begin to see the beauty of another season...Of Spring. OF Hope. The purity of Spirit was about HOPE and that doesn't mean that faith based people have to hear a certain story all the time to get the message. It's about the smallest of redemptions that happen around the world we help create. Purity is in the beauty of our daily the way a Bee redeems the honey of a flower to be used elsewhere. Thus we see these stories play out without having to make a statement about what is necessary - purity and redemption just IS.

There are enough gruesome things in this world. Often I hear that the Easter story is victorious because of the assent three days later. I don't know if the pure of heart need to even have that story to get the lesson because the lesson is the daily. It's when we voice for the voiceless, stick up for the bullied, tell the stories of the hurting, and take on the suffering of is also when we rejoice over a child's laugh, protect the innocent, learn about ourselves, our limits and our gifts and become the Love. When we are forced on to our hands and knees to clean up the dirt, and we suddenly see that the dirt is beauty. It is organic. It is crucial and it is good. The pure of heart see things differently and thus see God in the dust and the dirt.

Because it's a holiday I am leaving three related songs...the first two are mellow and the third is upbeat:)
P.S. Often Native spirituality is scrutinized in certain religious settings because of seeing God in rocks and trees...or assuming the nature of God in these things. I think this was grossly misunderstood just as history misrepresented Natives as violent people when most tribes were peaceful. I see God/ Love/ Life/ The Cycle of redemption in the rock I walk upon, I see Divinity in all that is pure...and in this I am connected to the earth and it's people. It's an honour to see God/ Love/ Beautiful Life in all that is good. That does not mean I have to put on a good show for all people, become a political powerhouse, or make a huge difference, or even have a lot of friends who comment on my life. All these things are not bad on themselves, but the reasons for doing them MUST match up with personality and heart.


Amy said...

Good morning, beautiful K... so good to be here in your heart space. These words fill me this morning as I have been thrashing and unsettled lately. I had never thought of "pure of heart" as being what you described, but it makes so much sense. I was reminded of the scripture, " Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." and I see this after reading your post here. Thank you for this beautiful offering. xo

Kmarie Jones said...

I am so glad the words filled you with meaning:) I learned this concept by watching my children - the purest of hearts and by having Autism...Also by seeing my friends like yourself who have the purest of hearts and thrash around for meaning and Divinity yet have so many more struggles...I think to go through hardship means to either have to get bitter or begin to actually see with compassionate eyes...which begets purity.
I am so glad you "saw" that. It was a risk to write in some ways:) Thank you for reading:)
May you find ways to be sustained this weekend.

Keren Louise said...

This was a beautiful essay- probably my favorite piece of your writing. I was thinking today how happy I would be if I could be more like you. I love you!

Anonymous said...

this was beautiful! one of the most moving things you've written recently. i've been feeling a bit cynical and jaded this Easter weekend, largely because of the propaganda and pressure from christian people. but this was a different sort of perspective that i really needed, and it moved me. i too was reminded of the scripture about how the pure in heart are blessed and will see God. i love how you mentioned seeing God in the rocks and trees and all things. when i was in Arizona last weekend, i saw a lot of Native influence, especially at the Grand Canyon, and i was really touched by their perspective and ways of seeing the world. thank you for writing this. just the balm i needed on this weekend.

Kmarie Jones said...

Keren: Thanks! I love it when you comment. I am glad it was a a was a risk :) I put a lot more time into it then usual (like an extra half hour) as I wanted to respect people while pointing out something to perhaps fill up with grace. Aw WOW- that is a HUGE compliment and that means a lot! I often wish I could be as strong and independent and witty as you...I love you too!

Rae: I am so so so so glad that you have felt that way too. Easter weekend is my hardest holiday so I wanted to infuse hope into people. I just have the toughest time dealing with it all too...I feel something so natural is so pushed...but those people need their outlets too and while I can respect their need to preach their message I was hoping they could also respect mine if I put out something faith based but a little different.:) I don't think my way is better for everyone but I knew if I needed these words from myself maybe others did too.:) I am so glad you did!:)

Yea, the Natives were not perfect either and SOME tribes WERE volatile but some of their beliefs, before being completely destroyed by missionaries and their culture taken away from them...were pure of heart. No wonder, since then, it has been tough for Natives to find their purpose when everything was stripped from them. They do have a beautiful perspective to share. As I am partially Native, I can see that there is beauty and hardship and some not good things all in the mix. I like to take what I can from the good and try to see beauty...I am so glad you did too!
I love you too. All you ladies are pure hearts and balm to my soul as well:)

S said...

Beautiful thought on a beautiful day ! I love to hang out with pure hearts. The pure hearts are naive, uncomplicated, sensitive, they have a sense of wonder and are full of childlike virtues...
Pure hearts not only cry in private to release their emotions but also shed tears for the suffering of others...
Pure hearts spread joy and share the pain of others...they suffer for the suffering souls even if they have not met each other....they embrace all kinds of people and look beyond class and gender...pure hearts are those adult souls who have a heart of a child...a pure heart still believes in magic !
Blessed to be in the company of a pure heart like you !

Kmarie Jones said...

Beautiful additional words S! YEs you are also a pure heart and I am also glad to be in your company...It is a beautiful day today!
We just finished a fondue of fruit and dark chocolate and organic greek honey yugort...Its amazing how good food can make a day better! Now we are going outside to work on our fence:)
P.s. I still believe in magic. Love is magic. Apparently my neighbours thought I might be wiccan. LOL..I forgot I have a witches hat in my window...They don't know of my obsession with Wicked the musical. LOL:) I'm slowly learning not to live or care about others misperceptions...that is their issue. As long as I live with love it shouldn't matter if I have certain decor items. People always jump to conclusions and I really believe they miss out because of these misconceptions:) A different story for a different time:)